More beauty, less stuff

Posted on October 17, 2011


Real Simple magazine ran an article a while back (the August issue) about simplifying your beauty routine in the summer. I am a Real Simple subscriber and fan, but am certainly not their target audience. Their simplifying routine is way more complicated than my everyday, year-round routine, most likely because even when going simple, they need to sell products.

This number of goodies overwhelms me. Whatever happened to less is more?

I can’t seem to find a link to where I found it, but I read about an interview of older woman with beautiful skin. The interviewers found that the most often reported face-washing regiment of this group was simply splashing water on their faces in the evening. No face wash, no lotions, no creams. Inspired by an article about doing away with needless routines, my boyfriend went many months without using shampoo or conditioner. I wouldn’t say that the quality of his hair, which is lovely, improved, but it was not a hot mess as many would assume.

I am compelled by the notion that by doing less, you can get more, especially when it obviates three aisles of the
grocery store. I am simultaneously allured by a Chanel-esque dream of finding perfect smelling dream potions that will be with me for life. The new service birchbox looks like a good way for me to find such potions. If you are not already familiar with the company, Birchbox will mail you a box of sample-size luxury beauty goodies each month. It sounds exciting, but what would a girl who gets dressed for work in the dark with at least one garment plucked off the floor do with monthly boxes of foundations and mascaras? I want it, but would never use it.

I get my hair cut once a year. Deodorant is a decision. But I would definitely buy a service called Birchbox for Beginners where once a month they send me one fun, girly, or luxurious item. I am thinking a nail polish in a crazy color, the best smelling cuticle cream in the world, or some roll-on aromatherapy thing. Just a little something I would never put on my list to get at the grocery store…or maybe something you can’t even find at a grocery store.

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