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Children are our future?

October 19, 2011


I watched CNN’s Western Republican Debates this morning (thank you to @miserablyglorious for posting the full program which I couldn’t find in full at a single mainstream news outlet). Within the first 15 minutes, Rick Santorum made an assumption I think we Americans should carefully reconsider. To criticize Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan, Santorum pointed […]

The Case for Polygamy

October 14, 2011


In a recent republican debate, Ron Paul was asked his feelings on gay marriage and then whether polygamy would be okay too. He responded: “It’s sort of like asking the question if the states wanted to legalize slavery or something like that, that is so past reality that no state is going to do that.” […]

Fie upon financial instruments!

August 16, 2011


As a Gen X – Gen Y cusp, I have perhaps enough distance from the Gen Y ethos to see it clearly and am enough a part of it to see what is coming. I have a bit of a premonition. Given that Gen Y is growing up amidst mortgage failure and fraud, bank defaults […]

How to prevent corruption: democracy in action

June 28, 2011


After watching all these shows about the economic breakdown, I feel compelled to express my dissent in some way. I want to damn the man, but I don’t know how. I have given a cursory look in to how to withdraw myself from the banking and economic world, but feel stymied. Here is what I […]

Justice-based transformation

June 25, 2011


I just watched the Charlie Rose interview of Michael Sandel, a professor at Harvard University and teacher of the most popular undergraduate class there. I highly recommend watching it. I had two transformative experiences watching this video. The first is that there is a role for undergraduate education in this country. I have been very […]

How to prevent corruption: simplify

June 15, 2011


The US Government provides public education because we believe that democracies require an educated populace. Many decentralized notions including democratic governance and free markets require that people have the information they need to make good decisions. I see the obfuscation of information through legalese, hundred-page bills, and, less perniciously, through lazy design as a primary […]

The good guys

June 12, 2011


In the course of educating myself on the economic breakdown, I have started noticing that certain people are embodying the information and views that I am most interested in hearing. Here are my heroes of the economic crisis with a note about what I like about them. Political Heroes Ron Paul   Elizabeth Warren Dennis Kucinich […]