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Fie upon financial instruments!

August 16, 2011


As a Gen X – Gen Y cusp, I have perhaps enough distance from the Gen Y ethos to see it clearly and am enough a part of it to see what is coming. I have a bit of a premonition. Given that Gen Y is growing up amidst mortgage failure and fraud, bank defaults […]

Understanding the economic breakdown

June 8, 2011


I have been ultra fascinated by the economic breakdown and surrounding government, banking, and foreclosure scandals. My news and documentary consumption is at an all-time peak. I have watched many, many shows on the topic. I have been using these shows to get the knack of money, central banking, and the economy. In the process, […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it

May 22, 2011


  We dodged the Rapture bullet yesterday. I, of course, didn’t really expect it to happen because everyone knows that the end of the world was not slated for yesterday, but for December 21st of next year (or aren’t you into Doomsday porn?). I am preparing for 2012 as best as one can prepare for […]

Get Ready…

April 10, 2011


There is a great scene in The Mummy where the mousy syncophant encounters the mummy for the first time. Terrified, he cycles through a wide array of talismans from the religions of the world that he is wearing around his neck mumbling the associated prayer for each symbol. He finally hits his star of David […]